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A concert, a medieval village and the government

A recap of my previous weekend in Germany

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Busy, lazy, busy, busy describes my past four days in Berlin and in another region of Germany as well.


On Thursday, my second day of classes were held and I was introduced to my Europe in the Global Economy class as well as day two of German language. Another interesting day but it was really how the night ended that seriously put a start to the fun of the weekend.

I am not typically a concert going kind of guy as listening to my favorite artists on my phone is good enough. If I ever want to seriously spoil myself I'll usually just end up opening youtube to watch the music video instead of just simply listening to the song but a little while back I bought this ticket to this concert because I was more or less talked into it. Some other friends of mine were going and I realized that maybe I should seize the opportunity to do something a little different or a little out of my comfort zone. After all, that's what studying abroad is all about right? Figuring out who you are, on a deeper level than what just going away for college can teach you. And besides... tickets were only like $25 bucks. So I went for it and man am I glad that I hit purchase. The venue was cool, the artist was great, and the memories/stories that were made were beyond amazing.

Jack showed me this artist named Quinn XCII (92) probably about a year ago and while I never absolutely fell for his stuff I always really enjoyed hearing it when I did. And as the concert date got nearer and nearer I started listening to his stuff more and I started enjoying it even more than I had in the past. The event was at PRIVATCLUB Berlin in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, which is just a neighborhood over from my own, Schöneberg.

Quinn sounded amazing in this smaller hole in the wall type place and I was so glad to be there having an amazing time with some of my friends that I've met here.


The next day was Friday and I didn't do anything but recover from staying out super late the previous night and do some homework.


Saturday, however, was a really long day that consisted of a 6 hour bus ride round trip, a pair of really old churches, a castle, and a lot of UNESCO half-timbered houses built in and around the turn of the 9th century (over 1000 years ago). We made our way to Quedlinburg early Saturday morning and had an amazing time walking around the city, through churches and consuming more beer and meat than I ever could have hoped for :) I was tempted to fly my drone at one point but eventually decided against it due to the 25 mph winds. I was going to do it too until I realized it just wasn't worth the risk. Because I am no expert by any means but found the whole trip extremely interesting... I am going to post a link directly below this paragraph to a website that can explain better than I can, the history of the medieval town. Before you go to that website though, something I found particularly interesting is that Quedlinburg is the site of where King Heinrich I was crowned king of Germany. In 919 A.D, this was the first time anyone had ruled Germany as a single nation.

Click here for the history of Quedlinburg!


To put a close to the weekend, a bunch of us went and toured The Reichstag building! The Reichstag can be compared to the United States' Capitol Building. The German parliamentary body offices and meets here and this is where a majority of the nation's politics are hashed out. The building is full of history and the roof is even open to tourists. We were able to do this as well as get a tiny glimpse of how the German legislative system works. It is very different from the American way, for example, where the United States has two main parties, Germany has seven or so. As a group we were able to see where all of these different parties meet individually to discuss how they are going to vote and so on before they go out into the main Bundestag (literally translated to old Latin as 'to sit in conference all day'). I thought it especially interesting that the equivalent to the Speaker of the House in America, the main president of the Bundestag has the sole power to shut off a person's microphone or even call the police if a member of the parliament starts to get off topic or takes too long with his/her speech, whereas at home there is such a thing as filibusters. Nope! Not with the famed German efficiency I guess :)


This past weekend has been a lot of fun and I am so excited for next weekend! First my second week of classes then it's off to the airport for three days in Italy! If I do anything before then I'll update you all here, but until then... Ciao!


And as always don't forget to check out all my pictures at smugmug at tinyurl.com/tomstelmarabroad
There's plenty of Quedlinburg and of me at the Reichstag! Even some videos of Quinn XCII live!

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